Our District Team

County Commissioner & Acting District Commissioner

Dr. Neil McKay

Neil is our County Commissioner, looking after Scouting right across South Yorkshire. As well as his County role, Neil is our current Acting District Commissioner, whilst we recruit for a new District Commissioner.

Neil can help with; County Scouts, Doncaster Scouts, Management, Governance & more.

Assistant District Commissioner (Cubs)

James ‘Jimmy’ Hagyard

Jimmy is a staple part of the District Team, running & supporting the vast amount of events the District runs. Alongside looking after Cubs in Doncaster, Jimmy heads up the Bungle-ee team, is an Archery Instructor and is a Cub leader at 9th York Road.

Jimmy can help with; Cubs, Cub Section, Cub Events, District Events, Archery, Nights Away, Training & more.

Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts)

Eric Hepworth

Eric is a staple part of Doncaster Scouts, having been with the District for a number of years, Eric is the person responsible for the Scout section in Doncaster, and is also a Scout Leader at 67th Sprotbrough.

Eric can help with; Scouts, Scout Section, Scout events, District Night Hike, & more.

Campsite Manager

Glynis Robinson

Glynis has been in Doncaster Scouting for over 20 years. As well as being responsible for looking after the District campsite, Squirrel Wood Scout Campsite, Glynis is also the Cub Scout leader at the 47th Edenthorpe.

Glynis can help with; Cub Scouts, Squirrel Wood Enquiries, Squirrel Wood Management & more.

Young Leader Training

Megan Duffield

Megan joined Scouting as a Young Leader, looking to develop her ‘Skills For Life’ for her career.

Megan can help with; Young Leaders, Young Leader Training, Young Leader First Aid Training & more.

Media & Communications

Andy McAteer

Andy has been in Scouting since he turned 6, going through all of the sections before becoming a leader in Rossington and then joining the District & County teams looking after all things ‘Marketing’, ‘Media’ and ‘Communications’.

Andy can help with; Marketing, Recruitment, Media, Communications, I.T., Office 365 and more.