Notification of Activity

Please submit the form below in accordance with POR. Notifying your GSL and DC of the planned activity

Event Information

(if the activity includes an overnight stay then please use the Nights Away Notification form)
Please provide as much information as possible, activity center if applicable or OS map reference for start and finish
Please provide as much information as possible. If using public transport please detail type, departure and arrival stations
Does any element of the activity require appropriately authorised leaders or externally qualified instructors e.g. hillwalking, canoeing, caving, etc
If a permit is required please detail all information
(with membership number)

Planning and Approvals

As part of the planning and preparation for the nights away activity the following documentation should be in place: programmes, attendance information, medical and emergency contact information for attendees, InTouch system, menues and written risk assessments. You are not required to provide all this information to your COmmissioner with this form, but should be available upon request by the Commissioner or their delegate
(please provide details of your InTouch system and the main contacts in the event of an emergency)
I confirm the written risk assessment for this nights away activity has been shared with the responsible Commissioner or delegate
Upload pdf of risk assessment and any other documents eg route cards
I confirm that the risk assessment has been communicated to both adults and young people involved in the event in order for them to understand the risks and how these will be managed
I confrim that the Group Scout LEader / District Explorer Scout Commissioner is aware of this event taking place