Hi, I’m Andy McAteer, the new Lead Volunteer (District Commissioner) for Doncaster Scouts.

A bit about me

I always hated those ‘ice-breaker’ sessions – but here goes…

I’m Andy, I’ve been a member of The Scouts for the last 20 years – with 8 of those years as an adult volunteer. In that time, I’ve held a number of roles such as Assistant Cub Scout Leader, District Explorer Scout Commissioner, County Media & Comms Lead, National Scout Active Support Member (Media) and Trustee.

Professionally, my background is in media & marketing and I’ve worked across various sectors delivering marketing campaigns, web solutions and print marketing for multi-million pound companies, SMEs and charities alike.

What’s next?

I understand, change can be scary and off-putting. To reassure people, I have no intention to ‘rock the boat’ – I truly believe in ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!’.

That being said, within the next 6 months, we’re likely to be adopting the ‘Transformation’ changes into how we operate which will include changes such as how we refer to ourselves, how we operate (digital systems) and more.

I intend to get round to visit as many of you as possible to chat about how we move forward as Doncaster Scouts and devise our plan together.

I’ll be in touch – if you need me in the meantime, get in touch!