Doncaster Scouts swapped their sofas for scarves last weekend as they embarked on a weekend of adventure as they took on ‘Freezer Camp’ at Squirrel Wood in Doncaster.

Squirrel Wood, situated in Burghwallis in the north of Doncaster, is a vast area of woodland swarming with wildlife,the perfect place for the scouts to get back to basics and get a real sense of nature and the outdoors.

Tackling temperatures as low as 1 degree, 39 children headed out into the wilderness in an event that would test both their mental resolve individually and team working skills, but mainly for a fun packed weekend they would be sure to enjoy.

Over the course of the weekend the group took on a range of challenges and activities. One of which was rifle shooting, taking down targets which would have been great fun and a great experience for the boys and girls involved.

Pioneering was also on the agenda as the scouts got to put their creative sides to the test in a classic activity that involves using wood and ropes lashed together to create structures or small items.

Teamwork came to fore when the group got involved with assisting the Squirrel Wood Service Crew with their day to day site maintenance. The team had to work together not just amongst themselves, but under the watchful eye of the service team to ensureall work was carried out to a proper standard. Something the scouts got really involved with and did very well! Well done everybody!

The last activity saw the group emulating some of their favourite celebs as they took on Squirrel Wood’s very own Wood Tucker Trials. You may think this would be a wind up, but the scouts took on the challenge of eating dishes that would turn even thestrongest of stomachs. Blended fish eye starters and cockroaches for mains may not have been what the group were expecting for snacks last weekend but the challenge was great fun and very well received.

Congratulations to all of the young people that took part in the weekend and got involved with the challenges and a huge thanks to the people that gave up their time to make the weekend happen.