The 55th Doncaster (Intake) Scout Group’s new adventure of integrating a Muslim based Beaver and Cub Scout group has been a great success. The reaction from the community has been hugely positive. On the 16th July 2016 the group came together to celebrate Eid Mubarak. The event had a great turnout of people from all different cultures and backgrounds. The event featured many different activities ranging from Backwoods Cooking and Splat a Rat, as well as outdoor activities such as penalties and a bouncy castle, to doing Henna and trying traditional Muslim foods.

The leader of the Group – Syed said, “The reaction from the community has been great and the groups regular turn out as well as support for events such as today’s shows that.” He noted that most of the young people that had joined and the new leaders are new to Scouting which shows what a great way it can help to grow the Scouting movement.

Nazia Sattar (another one of the group’s leaders) also commented on the great support and success of the group adding that the group was ‘a great way to integrate the community’.

The event also acted as a way of recruiting new members and spreading the word to the wider community as one newly recruited young member said ‘Fatima told my dad about this group, I can’t wait to join.’